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Top 4 Advertising Facts Every Auto Shop Owner Needs to Know

images-1Advertising in auto repair has become more competitive than ever. Customers have quickly become desensitized to the same old promises that every auto shop makes of quality, trust, and reliability. Of course these things are the very foundation of the auto repair industry, but they are no longer effective tools for marketing your shop. If you want to stand out of the crowd, focus your advertisements and selling points on how you can provide customers with information that is tailored to their specific needs.

Fact #1 – You Must Give Your Customers Want They Want
People are simply overwhelmed with advertisements. And it’s easy to understand why, the average person in America is exposed to over 150,000 ads on a weekly basis. That’s why it is so hard to get the attention of customers. However, that’s not to say some of these ads aren’t effective, it all depends on what tools you have in your marketing tool belt.

Customers want information, not a sales pitch. With more and more people turning to the internet for answers, they want you to answer questions Google can’t. Communicate to your customers that you are happy to answer their questions over the phone before they haul their car down to your shop.

Fact # 2 – Standing Out From the Crowd
If your marketing materials look like every other auto shop in town, you are doing something wrong. In order to deliver valuable information avoid using the same old form letter advertisements as everyone else. You must strike a balance between being a provider of meaningful information while also selling your services as an auto repair shop.

Fact # 3 – Providing Solutions to the Problem
Using a personal response can be an extremely effective way to communicate with your customers and build clientele, providing them with a solution and quote quickly and easily. If you can consistently provide customers with the most effective solution to their problems they will keep coming back and will also spread the word to their family and friends about your shop.

Most auto shops will tell someone who is calling with questions that they can’t provide any resources unless they bring the vehicle into the shop. Then, the customer hangs up and finds someone who can answer their questions instead. If someone calls in describing a common problem, let them know what you think might be and an estimate for how much it will cost to fix. Providing this little bit of information builds trust and makes the customer feel comfortable doing business with your shop, knowing that they are in knowledgeable and friendly hands.

Fact #4 – Basic Communication Skills
Even if the information isn’t 100 percent accurate, customers will appreciate you trying to help and they understand that you can only do so much over the phone. The most important thing to do is personally address each customer’s problem and explain why your advice should be followed. Additionally, customers want honesty above everything else.

Unfortunately, people have come to expect be swindled by their local mechanics. so, if someone calls your shop and you know they might get a better price with their dealer, then advice them of this. They might end up using you anyway, and they will definitely remember you next time they need any repairs. It also lets people know you aren’t out just to collect a dollar but have your customers best interest at heart. Lastly, successful marketers will offer a ballpark estimate of how much a repair is going to cost every single time.

In the competitive and overwhelming world of advertising, you have to stay ahead of the crowd by being better than the rest. Communication is key and by personalizing each response to every customer, you will earn the trust of your customers while also becoming known as an expert in the auto repair industry.