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Tips for Boosting SEO on YouTube

shutterstock_231210496Video marketing has quickly grown into one of the most effective forms of digital marketing – and for good reason. Video is more accessible to consumers than it ever was before and consumers are much more likely to engage with video than they are with written content. Not to mention that hosting content on YouTube has numerous other benefits as well. Not only is YouTube a hugely popular social media channel, it’s also the second biggest search engine behind Google. The following are a number of tips on how to optimize your YouTube videos for SEO in order to get the absolute most out of them:

  • Use relevant keywords – Remember, Google isn’t able to identify video content without written descriptions, so be sure to use relevant keywords throughout your video page. This means using keywords in your video title, description and file name.
  • Write a good description – Don’t let your video speak for itself, write a compelling description of the video to make it easier for Google to identify your content. The description will also be displayed on Google searches, which means you’ll want it to be effective at piquing the interest of users.
  • Add links – Add links to your website in the description of your video as well as in the video itself. YouTube allows you to embed links directly into the video that viewers can then click on.
  • Add a call-to-action – Use annotations to create a call-to-action at the end of your video encouraging viewers to take a certain action, whether it’s to click a link to your website or to watch another one of your videos.
  • Add closed captioning – Studies have shown that closed captioning on YouTube videos will improve SEO and increase views by as much as 13.48 percent within the first two weeks of being uploaded. One of the main reasons for this is because closed captioning allows YouTube to crawl through the text in order to more accurately identify your content and to rank it. Although YouTube offers automatic captions, these are only 70 percent accurate and can hurt the quality of your video. Instead, have your video content transcribed by a professional service and upload the file to your video. YouTube will then automatically sync it up properly.
  • Create a video playlist – Organizing the videos on your YouTube channel by creating a playlist will not only help make it easier to navigate your channel, but it will increase your watch time. The way it works is that if a video is part of a playlist, the next video in your playlist will automatically begin to play when the current video is finished. To ensure that viewers will stick around to watch the next video, make sure that the videos in your playlist are organized in a manner that makes sense (such as by similar topics).

Improving the SEO of your YouTube videos will help to attract more viewers, so be sure to use these SEO tips in order to optimize your videos.