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Seven Serious Mistakes of Digital Marketing

images-4Digital marketing has got much hype in the twenty-first century. People are making money from this business. But still there is scope for improvement as people are making some serious mistakes regarding campaign procedure and marketing strategy. This is the right time you should learn how to avoid these mistakes and how to get more profit from your business. Seven common mistakes of digital marketing are.

  1. Digital marketing is something more than an add

Usually, people prefer to give a brief to a digital agency a month before the launch. But this is not a welcome step, do not treat your digital marketing as a simple add. Your digital agency is more than an add and that needs to be well presented to engage the targeted audience and to make them understand about your marketing process.

  1. Not giving any importance on the second step

People spend money on media (Facebook, twitter, Instagram accounts) to get more customer but ultimately they forget to keep them updating and also give less importance on providing important information such as email id and phone number.

  1. Live Chat is for the sake of name only

If you are planning for a live chat with 24 hours response system then make sure that somebody is present all time for answering any query. If are not able to meet this demand, then remove the live chat quickly to avoid any kind of complication.

  1. Launching and forgetting

Initially, people use media platforms for their campaign and they almost use all the channels for getting coverage. But after a period of time, they forget to update all the channels and left them untouched. So, always try to use fewer and better platforms and keep them updating that will help both you and clients to get clear understanding of your marketing process. If you are not using a platform anymore then delete it completely with a systematic process.

  1. Still Away from mobile and tablet optimization

This excuse cannot be accepted in this century. Currently, mobiles are coming with many advanced and developed features. So, make the maximum use of it. Do not treat them like a postal stamp on your handset. An agency can use it as a business opportunity and a client can explore new thing through this system.

  1. Gathering so many data without converting into action is not helping in any way

By nature people usually like to search many reports and dashboards to get more knowledge, but they do a very little effort to go to the details of any report. Everything needs time to understand clearly. So, if you are really interested in digital marketing, then spend some valuable time and money to go into the deep.

  1. Posting pictures on any website without permission are illegal

In Southeast Asia, people have a wrong tendency to post pictures on any company’s website without taking the permission of company’s owner. This is a bad idea, and that can ultimately involve you in legal actions. So, pay for your post and take the permission for the smooth functioning.