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Setting Your Business Apart Through Your Website

images-2Every company uses its own approach when deciding how to set the mood for their website. Whether it’s through music, graphics or font choice, they’re trying to get a certain tone across to the viewer. A visitor may know instinctively which sites manage to immediately impress them a creative and functional design but they may not know how to duplicate that success when it comes to their own page. How do you get people to be instantly hooked on your auto repair website so it stands out and makes the very best first impression? Well, it’s not simple but you can keep a few things in mind to make the right improvements.

Know Your Audience

Who is going to click on your site? This is such an important question but features a lot of complexities, thereby making it an overlooked one far too often. For example, if a customer base is no nonsense, then the site needs to show that the company is serious about doing things right the first time. Ask yourself why people should choose you over the competition, and then boil that reason down into just a few words. Stay away from generic statements like ‘Because we’re better.’ Why are you better? If a company has the love of their customer base, then that should be one of the first few things that people see on the site. Be careful though, if consumer sites like Yelp don’t back up these claims, then there are bigger fish to fry than just the website design.

Navigation and Other Site Features

Your site needs to be crystal clear and easy to navigate. The hours of operation and general policies should be simple to find and thoroughly explained. Stay away from PDFs because it will slow people’s experience down and inspire frustration. People will only give your page a few seconds to finish loading (if that) before they move on. In today’s culture, we’re used to having things delivered quickly, so you need to utilize the best support. If funds are a limiting factor, then it’s better to have a more basic site with the right content.

Clever Content

We’re not talking about puns and poems here, we’re talking about key phrases that will stand out and convey the values of the company. Techniques like rhymes and jingles may not be your strong suit, but they can catch people’s attention to give you a slight edge when it comes down to making a final decision.

Auto Marketing Repair Gurus have the experience necessary in getting companies the bump in business that they crave. Mechanics can focus on what they do best while letting someone else drive their site right into higher profit margins. Let them help you with all of these tactics and more today!