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Popular And Affordable Website Design For Small Business Tips

shutterstock_245258269You’ve tried all the traditional methods of marketing your auto repair shop, from print advertising to signs. While those can be effective, you’re missing out if you don’t have an online digital marketing plan in place.

Why digital marketing? It helps you communicate directly with customers, enabling you to build a loyal fan base. It generates better information about your customers. It’s typically inexpensive. It enables you to provide real-time customer service. And these are just some of the advantages.

That’s why having a dedicated website for your small business is so important. Chances are, your competitors do – so here are some website design tips and practices to help you take your digital marketing to a new level.

1. Keep it Simple & Fresh

There are dozens and dozens of off-the-shelf templates you can use to create your website. But separating your own website from all those that look the same is crucial, and keep in mind that your homepage is typically the most important page in a website. That said, don’t overload your homepage with a lot of text and images – less is often more.

2. Make it Easily Accessible

It’s vital to take into account how easy it is to access your website. Consider, for example, how people with slower internet connections will experience your site. This is extremely important for small businesses catering to local customers. Keep the web design and navigation consistent throughout the site.

3. Provide Calls-to-Action

A call-to-action is text on your website that invites visitors to do something – whether it’s a “learn more” link, a “call now” link, or an offer of a free consultation or estimate. Visitors will respond to these links.

4. Have Multiple Points of Contact

Your website design should make it easy for visitors to contact you. Your phone number should be displayed prominently at the bottom of the page, as should your physical and email addresses. Create a “Contact” page that includes the above information, directions, hours of operation, etc.

5. Showcase Services

You’re selling a service, and even products. Make sure you clearly showcase those on your homepage with product photos and graphical images that are clean, easy to see, and appropriate. The importance of high-quality photos cannot be stressed enough.

6. Provide Quality Content

People like content and poor content can cause visitors to quickly leave your site. It’s important to keep the content fresh and current; no one wants to read 2013 content on your 2016 website. Study your competitors’ content and website design. How are they presenting content? Is it readable? Is it filled with errors?

7. Make it Readable

Your website design should make it easy for the typical visitor who scans information rather than reading it from top to bottom. Put your most important content across the top of the pages and down the left side. Also, use bold headlines and subheads to break up information and make it easier to scan.