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Online Marketing 101 for Auto Repair Shops

Every auto repair shop invests in auto repair advertising. Advertising should be a part of any auto repair marketing plan. So if everyone is doing it, what can you do to make your auto repair shop stand out from the competition? What can you do differently to attract new customers and grow your business?

  • Invest in marketing: Many auto repair shops choose to invest minimally in marketing and spend more money in advertising. Taking out advertisement space in magazines, putting up bill boards, even getting TV commercials. While this exposure is important, it is useless if you haven’t thought carefully about who your target audience is, what type of messaging will appeal to them, and what you are going to be able to say to make them come to your shop. This is where a marketing team comes into play. They will do all the market research to make sure that you are using effective messaging strategies. If not, all of the money that you put into purchasing ad space could be completely wasted. Hiring someone to implement an auto repair marketing strategy will mean that you have someone on the team whose job it is to make you stand apart from the competition. It is an upfront investment that will pay off well. Auto Repair Marketing Guru’s is a good option for someone who wants to bring on some marketing experts to help put together a strategy about a good marketing plan.
  • Try to think like your customer: When you are thinking about your advertisement, put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What do they want to know? What is their knowledge of auto repair? If you are thinking like a mechanic, you are likely going to be saying things that may not mean anything to your customers. Try not to use any auto repair terms for example, but use terminology that your customers will be familiar with. Many people do not think about car repairs until there is something wrong, so make people think. One way to do this is asking questions, ‘is your car doing this…,’ or ‘has it been blank months since you’ve had your cars engine looked at.’ These kinds of statements will get people thinking and make people feel as though maybe it is time to get their car checked out, and voila! There is your phone number! This is a great strategy to get people calling.
  • Answer people’s questions: People always have questions about their cars. Think about the most common things that people ask you about when they come into your auto repair shop? Chances are the people reading through advertisements have similar questions. Address these common questions and concerns and you will draw people in.

One of the main things to consider with auto repair advertising is that people do not simply want to see a picture of your repair shop and a phone number. They can see that in the 100’s of other ad’s for auto repair shops in the area. Give them something different, something to think about, a question they want answered, and they are sure to give you a call. Make yourself stand out by doing something different and you will grow your auto repair business.