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How to market your auto repair shop

As a business owner, you very likely don’t have an easy peasy time with the marketing it necessarily takes to grow your business. Your brilliant auto repair marketing plan may be something you struggle to implement.  You’re a businessman who probably also has skills working under the hood, but you’re probably not also a marketing whiz. Still, no need to get all stressed out. One simple secret can help put you on the road toward auto repair marketing gold.

How do you save your marketing plan and not only survive but thrive in your business? Is it some fix all, some magic bullet? Nope. Instead, the secret is plain and simple hard work, and not work in a frenzy of activity. It is work done slowly and in baby steps. Baby steps, not exactly the exciting answer you were looking for, but if you reflect upon your successes in life so far, you’ll see that you reached your goals through small steps done strategically. You’re not going to be able to dramatically increase the number of cars coming into your shop overnight. This sort of thing takes time. And good thing takes time: from love to wine to a gourmet meal. No good thing could and should be rushed. Think about the successful auto repair shop owners that you know. Did they appear overnight? You can bet your life’s savings that instead of that scenario, the success of these shops is the fruit of studied, consistent work done slowly over time.

So what do I mean when I tell you to take baby steps? What are these steps? As you might expect, these baby steps are a series of small actions that, taken together, will bring about change for your organization. Here a few baby steps you might consider taking. First, what about a handwritten thank you note for each customer, no matter if he is a repeated customer or a first timer? What about a thank you notes for customers who give you referrals? These thank you’s can go a long way. Secondly, you can create a customer referral program to increase the likelihood your current customers are bringing you new customers. In this way, your number of satisfied customers can grow exponentially. Thirdly, what about thank you gifts? These need not be costly. But think about the good will you’ll win by sending a $20 gift card to someone who’s just spent $500 at your shop? Your investment is minor and the yield is major. Building personal relationships with clients, winning their confidence, is the best way to ensure that when their car troubles materialize, they come to you for help. You are their trusted friend and their valued mechanic.

Now, none of these technique is the all-in-one. Instead, these baby steps are cohesive steps, smart strategies, together forming a smart plan for marketing success. And taken together, they are not going to break the bank, not even close. Instead, these auto repair advertising techniques are destined to save and make your auto repair shop money.