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Is Your Website Accomplishing Your Goals?

imagesThese days, nearly every company has a website for use in promoting their business and communicating with customers. Is your website functioning at peak levels and accomplishing these goals? Try reviewing your site for key aspects common to known successful sites in order to answer that question.

Website Design and Usage

It is important to understand your website is a key marketing tool for your auto repair company. It should have an efficient overall design that is intuitive for your potential clients to use. It further needs to link to social media sites and effectively use SEO tools to draw potential customers. Responsive design aspects are key to a well developed site that encourages interaction and provides specific information as to the services you provide.  The site should be accessible whether the customer uses a laptop, Smart Phone or tablet.

The website design team at  Auto Repair Marketing Gurus knows the value of a great first impression and will work hard to design a site the engages and educates the consumer. Whether your sales plan is based on a fast paced heavy sales pitch or a more laid back style, the goal is that customers who visit the site can see what you offer quickly and easily when making their purchasing decisions.

Social Media

Social media marketing is a relatively new concept that has quickly come to be expected of any successful company. It includes interesting blog posts and updates of company news. Social media allows you to maintain a personal connection with your customers between automotive repairs so they remember you when the time comes to hire your services again.


SEO is imperative to a website’s success. This is what draws customers to your site by incorporating the words and phrases common to searching for information by people interested in your services. Well thought out by someone with proper marketing experience, SEO directs search engines to your site and provide key descriptive summaries of what you offer. When somebody searches for local auto repair shops, proper SEO marketing assures your business appears on the first page of results.

Of course, the end goal is the conversion rate of these responsive design sites. It has been proven that optimal conversion rates occur when these concepts are followed by an experienced design and marketing team specific to your trade such as Auto Repair Marketing Gurus. Incorporate efficient website design practices and watch as both your sales rate and customer satisfaction improves.