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Get The Most Out of Your Auto Repair Marketing

images-1Every mechanic knows that in order to keep your business afloat your two priorities are getting new customers and keeping them.  Luckily, digital marketing efforts like SEO, PPC, and web design have made it easy for auto repair shops to get the attention of more customers every day.    If your auto shop is looking for an affordable solution to your auto repair marketing take a look at these handy tips.

Responsive and Mobile Layout

You need to be aware of the fact that your website as well as email has to be designed in such a way that it fits into the screen size of all devices. It is termed as responsive website and you have to keep this in mind. About 66 % of emails are always opened from tablet or phone. Even there are above 650 millions of Facebook users who access daily from their mobile devices. Having a mobile friendly website will help you to read you emails and websites easily. The navigation will be much easier and comfortable. It will create a good user experience.

Using GIFs In Email

You must have seen GIFs that are graphics which do not have any sound and play automatically. These are best to express your moods or situations and are quite funny too. These GIFs can be used for your business and it will definitely give a touch of a personality or character to it. It can actually help you to increase your click rate thus increasing your traffic. It will be something different yet useful for your  auto repair marketing plans.

Automate The Content Sourcing and Marketing

You will always need some perfect content for your social networking sites and email newsletter. But always thinking about getting the topic and content is quite challenging. You can opt for the automated services which will help you to get informative and entertaining contents for different purposes. These automatic sourcing and marketing of contents can save your time a lot. You can focus on some important things too in this time.

Boosting The Facebook Pages

Social networking sites are always important especially Facebook. It has made a lot of changes and improved for better in the last year. One of the biggest changes was the decrease of organic posts from Facebook business pages. You need to “boost post” and enter the parameter which will make sure that it shows up to plenty of people. Make sure you choose the post which you are sure that people will see or read it. When people clicks or likes your boosted posts, it notifies Facebook that people are interesting in that brand or post. So, it will appear more often in their news feed too. This is also a great step for a better real estate marketing.