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The Future Of Auto Repair Marketing In A Digital World.

Digital marketingIf you are one of the thousands of people who own an auto repair shop, then you understand how important marketing is to your business. There are a great number of auto repair shops in every major city and every small town. For your company to stay competitive you have to engage in marketing, introducing potential customers to your business and clearly explaining why they should choose you. In the climate of today’s market, that means engaging and persuading customers in a digital world. The creation and expansion of the Internet, computers, and smartphones has greatly altered the marketing landscape, forcing all companies into a digital world, whether they like it or not. For your auto repair company to thrive in today’s market, you will have to engage in digital marketing. The tricky part about this is that digital marketing changes rapidly. Your company will have to stay abreast of the current trends in digital marketing and anticipate the future of auto repair marketing in a digital world. There are four key trends your company should understand about auto repair digital marketing in 2015.

  1. Social media’s continued expansion.

The hold that social media has on the Internet isn’t going anywhere. Some specialists estimate that nearly half of the traffic on the Internet runs through social media. For your auto company to thrive and for your marketing strategy to be effective, you’ll have to come up with creative ways to implement the power social media offers. By utilizing social media effectively, your company can increase its visibility and connectivity to potential customers. Any and all digital marketing strategies in 2015 must include various tactics to capitalize on the benefits social media has to offer.

  1. Subtle marketing.

As 2015 begins, one thing that is certain is that consumers are much more intelligent. Marketing and advertising have been in full force for decades. Consumers are hyperaware of instances where companies are trying to manipulate them, either via celebrity endorsements or tricky advertisements on the Internet. Therefore, it is crucial for auto repair companies to market in more subtle ways. A great way to market your company without turning consumers away is with auto repair SEO, or search engine optimization. By organically driving your company to the top of the search engines when people are looking for an auto repair company, you’ll boost the number of potential customers visiting your website without having to run catchy, manipulative ad campaigns.

  1. Personalization.

Although the rise of digital marketing has connected businesses with customers in unimaginable ways, one of the keys to marketing in 2015 is personalization. People are on their own smartphones, computers, and tablets, so they need to be approached as individuals, not as a part of the crowd.

  1. Mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets, oh my!

One societal trend that directly relates to digital marketing is the number of people now accessing the Internet solely with their mobile phones, smartphones, and tablets. Auto repair digital marketing strategies in 2015 must focus on how to approach potential customers on these devices. If your website won’t work on a smartphone, your company will miss out on a huge portion of the market.