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DIY car repair ideas that can save you money

Today the internet has become the modern open market for almost everything. Other than just using the internet to connect with your friend and family, you can also take advantage of the many “how to do” ideas being shared across the internet and make your life even better.

Businesses are now engaging potential customers on a more personal level by sharing DIY ideas that they hope will attract traffic in their website and eventually gain more customers. The automotive industry has not been left behind either. They are using auto repair marketing tools with DIY car repair ideas that are not only attracting traffic to the company’s website, but also saves existing and potential client thousands of dollars of repair cost in the long run.

One should however take safety precautions when repairing a vehicle. Use the proper tools and wear safety gears like glasses, hearing protection, latex gloves, and dust masks when doing the repair work. Mistakes can read to more repair expenses, which could have been avoided if a professional was consulted in the first place instead of carrying out the repair work on your own. Some mistakes can cost you more than just money if they result injury or death is the case of accidents.

Some mechanical repairs should be left to professionals to avoid inherent risks associated with them, but if you feel you are up to the task of repairing your own car, here are some popular DIY car repair ideas you might find useful

  1. What to do when engine overheats

Engine overheating can cause major permanent damage to the engine if left unchecked for long. The first thing you need to do when the engine heats up is to pull over as soon as possible shut down the engine and open the hood to allow the engine to cool down quickly.

If you cannot pull over, consider running the heater which will act like a radiator and can help cool the overheated engine before you find a place to stop.

NEVER remove the radiator or the expansion tank cap when the engine is overheating! The steam in the cooling system is under pressure and can burn your face. Also, only use room temperature water, cold or ice water can cause damage if poured into a hot engine.

  1. How to repair car door lock in 4 steps

You repair your car door using the below 4 steps

  • Check the auto key lock on your keychain: This is the most obvious, but don’t be surprised if you had not noticed that the battery in your key lock is the problem. Change the battery and test by unlocking the doors.
  • Check other door locks: Before considering replacing wires and door panel parts, check if other locks are working. If they are not working, you have a brown fuse otherwise the problem could be a lock solenoid.
  • Try the lock manually: Try the door manually up and down while the key is on using the auto lock at the same time. If the lock moves, then you have a frozen lock mechanism.
  • Try moving door back and forth: Hold the car lock down and open and close the door slowly while using the auto key at the same time. If the lock is working, the problem can be solved by replacing or repairing a broken wire.
  1. Squealing brakes

While you are advised to let brake problems be checked by a professional mechanic, some minor problems of squealing brakes can be solved with brake lubrication. Brakes should be sufficiently lubricated on the brake pad packing plate, on the black caliper piston and on all sliding surfaces. If lubrication does not solve the squealing brakes problems, let your mechanic do check-up.

These some of the DIY ideas that are used for auto repair that you can use and save repair costs.