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Auto Repair Marketing – 4 Auto Repair Advertising Ideas

shutterstock_224713756When your potential customers are surfing the internet looking for a good auto repair shop their focus is going to be on honesty, reliability, and recommendations from other customers. While many shops have those qualities the auto repair business are not always up front and easily accessible on the first page that pops up. It is important to get your brand in front of potential customers so they can associate quality auto repair with your business. There are four auto repair marketing ideas to get your business the visibility it needs.

Social Media

There are hundreds of web sites and pages dedicated to auto repair shops and those can be daunting to weed through when you are in a bind looking for car repair. When a potential customer is looking for help the first thing most people tend to do is ask a friend. That can also involve jumping on the latest social media site and asking their group of friends, or relying on the recommendations of strangers on a site like Yelp that is dedicated to word of mouth-type free advertising. One way to monopolize on this is to take note when you have a happy customer and be sure to ask them to leave a recommendation on Yelp or even mention and tag your social media page on their own. This will quickly grow your customer base even with customers who are not yet looking for repairs.

Email, Newsletters, and a Thank You

After your customer leaves your shop be sure to follow up with an email thanking them for their business. Let them know of any social media sites you are on and ask them for a recommendation if they were happy with their service. Sending out a newsletter quarterly will be helpful to remind them of upcoming specials your shop may be having and will again remind them of the great follow up service your business offers.

Road Travel Tips and Ideas

A month or so before a major holiday or at the beginning of the summer there are a lot of travelers making decisions about their next road trip. Road trips, especially those that involve children, can be planned well ahead of time for a positive experience. You can post tips and ideas for safe and fun road travel on your web page as well as including them in your newsletter. You can also offer interactive kids games based on travel on your web page that will educate on car safety and road trip vacations. The marketing leads generated from people logging in will help increase your potential customer base.

Blog for Car Enthusiasts

This is an excellent idea for all auto repair shops and especially those that specialize in restoration. Your mechanics can discuss cars and new diagnosis tools available in the repair shop. Car blog posts will also offer up a great way to communicate special skills that your crew may have, or new specials and discounts on specific services.

The internet is an excellent location for auto repair marketing. Interactive web pages for the whole family will bring them back and remind them of your brand. When questions are minor and can be answered in a blog post potential customers will not only remember you when they have a larger repair issue, they will also mention your shops name in conversation as a reliable repair location.