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Auto Repair Advertising Built on Trust

imagesWe know you’ve heard it before: that note of distrust in a new client’s voice or the subtle insinuation that you’re taking advantage of a loyal customer. Auto repair shops sometimes get a bad wrap for being dishonest, but building a strong digital marketing presence can help counteract this industry bias letting your clients see the work your shop does. If you’re hoping to attract happy, trusting clients, use the internet as part of your auto repair marketing campaign to build your reputation and establish a strong presence in your community. Here are our top recommendations to get you started:


One of the first things potential clients look at when choosing an auto repair shop are reviews. Do a quick search for auto repair shops in your area and see which review sites show up. Whether Yelp, Google+ Trip Advisor, or Angie’s list are most prevalent in your area doesn’t matter: what matters is your ranking. Encourage happy customers to write online reviews about your business by giving them a $10 gas card or discount on their next visit. While you never want to seem like you’re bribing customers, letting them know you appreciate their time can encourage activity as you start to build your review base.


We know auto maintenance can range in price. Make, model, manufacturer vs. aftermarket parts, year, condition and hundreds of other factors will impact the price of a visit or repair. And so do your customers. The temptation not to list prices on your website for fear that clients will try to hold you to unreasonable standards is understandable, but providing some transparency and ballpark figures (such as the cost of most oil changes, tire patches, etc.) can go a long way in establishing trust in an industry fraught with sliding pricing scales and unclear service fees.


Believe it or not, having a search engine optimized website can make or break your business. Adding keywords  to your site that your customers are searching for can put you miles ahead of your competition and make sure that when new customers are searching nearby, they find your shop. Auto Repair Marketing Gurus can help you formulate an SEO strategy, give you recommendations on how to implement the plan, or guide you through the process every step of the way.


Most customers mistrust auto repair shops because they lack knowledge themselves. They may not understand how a carburetor works or what break fluid is, so posting DIY maintenance information, general car FAQs, and news to your site can establish your shop as a reliable, trusted resource. Blog posts explaining how to check for a flat tire, what emergency tools you should always have in your trunk, or how to prepare your car for winter are as helpful for your customers as they are for your online marketing presence. Take it one step farther, and send these helpful tips and articles via an email newsletter and on social media to create a full end-to-end marketing experience.

Online marketing gives you the power to tell your own story and break down stereotypes. Trust us: your customers (and your bottom line) will thank you for it.