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Auto Repair: 6 Deals Customers Love to See

The key to good auto repair and body shop marketing is creating deals that customers love. Here are a few deals and discounts that will help you win customers over and images-7keep them coming back for additional work.

On-Estimate Guarantees

With an on-estimate guarantee, a repair shop essentially guarantees the estimate price for the repair job. Repair companies don’t like doing this because it’s hard to be sure of anything even after tests, but customers absolutely love it. One of the worst fears of auto repair customers is that they will be subjected to price hikes and scams. An estimate guarantee both eliminates that fear and makes it easier to get upfront payments. Save this for repair options that the shop can be reasonably sure about.

Lump Payment Discounts

Payment plans are common, but why not reward customers for making a lump payment? This is a common tactic to encourage prompt payment, and if you aren’t using it already, you should be. A 10-20% discount for payments in full will give you a healthier accounts receivable while letting customers feel like they just got a great deal on their repair job.

Loyalty Discounts

No one likes to have repeated car problems that keep bringing them into the shop – so why not make it a little better for your repeat customers by offering loyalty discounts? If you have customers that have been with you for a certain number of years, or have come in a certain number of times, give them discounts on following jobs. Nothing builds loyalty like knowing that your shop appreciates you.

Post-Service Coupons

This is a great way to work in email marketing into your repair advertising. Ask for email as part of your standard contact info, and then send a post-work email. It should 1) thank them for their business and 2)provide an email coupon for a discount on parts, accessories, or other services that you provide. Not only is this a great way to get return customers, it also makes email more useful than it usually is for a marketing campaign.

Mobile Coupons

What does the modern customer do when something goes wrong with their car? They break out their smartphone and start looking for help. This is, of course, why local SEO is so important for your business, but it also provides other opportunities to market your services. When customers visit your mobile site, have an option for a mobile coupon to pop up and offer a discount if the customer calls immediately (you can also try placing a mobile Google ad if this feels more comfortable).

Referral Rewards

This deal has a lot of synergy with some of the others on this list, and can be worked into email campaigns, loyalty discounts and more. Essentially, you offer rewards like discounts or cash for referrals, when a customer recommends another customer and leads to a new sale. Referral programs are pretty common in other industries, but auto repair doesn’t always use them effectively – now is a good time to start.