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7 Tips to Increase Revenue Using Mobile Automotive Software

automotive-oem-column_tcm1023-163010If you own an automotive shop, making profits, communicating better with you customers and increasing productivity is always the ultimate goal. You can achieve this by using auto repair marketing strategies or using automotive software solutions. This article gives you the path to achieve these goals using mobile automotive software solutions.

You can eliminate problems associated with handwritten vehicle inspections, service recommendation and repair order by employing automotive software that is specifically designed to simplify these tasks which saves you time and increases productivity.

Here are seven tips for using vehicle maintenance software to boost your automotive shop operations.

1. Scan VINs

Instead of noting down a vehicle’s identification number, it is much easier to scan it. This eliminates the need of trying to decipher illegible handwriting which limits the occurrence of mistakes and saves time.

2. Review pending recommendations quickly

The ability to keep record of your of your customer’s maintenance needs is paramount. You will be able to know all the pending maintenance the moment the customer arrives. Shop management software will alert you on the recommendations that are due. The software keeps history on the vehicle and you can diagnose a problem faster. Apart from the usual oil change, you can be able to carry out other additional services and maintenance which translates to more revenue and better customer satisfaction.

3. Make repair orders and repair estimates on a handheld device.

The wireless capabilities that most handheld devices possess, allow techs to start digital inspections, make repair order and cost estimates fast. There is no need of going with the customer to the office as all transactions can be handled using a mobile device or tablet.

4. Get more power and versatility in your hands

Wireless software technology speeds up multi-point inspection and repair order process which gives you time to service additional vehicles. You will notice an increase in your productivity without increasing your workforce or adjusting work schedules. Increased productivity translates to more profits.

5. Add photos to individual vehicle service recommendation

The best way to prove to a customer that he/she needs a particular service is by showing it. Pictures remove any cloud of disbelief from the customers that the shop has exaggerated the severity of the service. Pictures increase the order revenue from around 15 percent to up to 90 percent. It is hard for a customer to refuse a brake repair job after seeing the extent of the damage in photos.

6. Attach images to vehicle diagnosis that you email your customers.

It is estimated that in average, a customer takes 77 minutes to approve a vehicle diagnosis. By using wireless automotive software, this time can be slashed to 37 minutes as the customer receives a message that is backed by photos. They will have an easy time going through the estimates and multi-point inspections.

7. Choose a mobile technology that integrates with your shop management software

Difference in mobile technology and shop management system might result in double entries that are rampant in paper repair orders and inspections reports. The software installed in the handled device should be able to communicate with the parent software so that data can be synced between the two platforms seamlessly.