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5 Marketing Ideas to Increase Word of Mouth for Auto Repair Shops

urlWord of mouth is the most effective auto repair marketing strategy to increase your referrals. It takes a lot of time and effort to win the trust of new audience and convert them into customers. However, reaching out to them through people who have already done business with you is a highly credible way of convincing them. Below are the five marketing ideas that can increase word-of-mouth referrals for your auto repair shop.

1. Stay in touch using email newsletter

Although many businesses use email newsletters to stay in touch with their customers, they use such newsletters mostly to send coupons and special offers. A better strategy is to use these emails for content marketing. Studies show that 90% of customers consider custom content useful, while 78% think that business that provides such content intends to build a good relationship with them.

Therefore, by following this strategy you stay in the minds of your customers as a friendly business and not as a business who treats them only as a consumer.

2. Show some gratitude

A simple “thank you” to your customers may seem enough, but you can always make their experience memorable by saying “thank you” in a creative way. Your customers will surely refer your business to their friends if you can somehow occupy some space in their memory.

You must remember that a small, special “thank you” could turn out to be the best long-term marketing investment, as it would create a lifelong word-of-mouth referrals for your business.

3. Use social networks

Entertain your customers with your social networking presence. Share interesting content such as pictures of pets visiting your auto repair shop, or some useful information such as providing comparison of the best DIY waxes for your car. Providing relevant and interesting content will not only project you as an expert of your field, but it will also encourage your customers to share that content with their friends.

As more and more people will view and share your content, more popularity and reputation you will build among the new audience.

4. Request feedback

You should encourage your customers to review your business based on their experience with you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a negative or positive review, it’s always better to have reviews than no reviews at all.

You must have presence on Yelp, Facebook and Google+ and request your customers to visit you there and submit their feedback. All such reviews are important as they act as an indirect word-of-mouth referral.

5. Seek referrals

Using existing customers is a great way to grow your business. Be frank with your customers and ask for referrals. To stay in their mind give them your business card, and always stay-in-touch with them through emails and social networking sites.

When you get a new client referred to you, remember to send a thank you note to the referrer. It would be even better to send a nominally priced gift card with the thank you note. Always try to delight and surprise your loyal customers, and they will return the favor.

A satisfied customer is an ideal marketing agent. Therefore, focusing on your existing customer base is the best auto repair marketing strategy to increase the word-of-mouth for your business. Although you can always spend big money on TV ads, SEO and PPC campaigns, but implementing low-cost marketing ideas that are focused at past and present customers is a great way to create new customer base.