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5 Easy Tips for Becoming a Facebook Marketing Guru

images-9When it comes to the most powerful social media websites, Facebook reigns as king. With everyone from grandparents to preteens using the social media powerhouse daily, Facebook offers a unique marketing platform for your auto repair business. With the right tools, you can easily make your company’s Facebook page the center of your social media interaction with clients, giving them and your team the perfect place to interact and drive sales.

Post at the Right Time

Much like traditional marketing, if your advertisement or post isn’t submitted to your page at the right time, it won’t reach as many potential clients as possible. That’s why it pays to submit your posts at peak traffic times. When Facebook users log on to their news feed, they could potentially be sifting through as many as 1,500 posts during the peak hours of 8am to 6pm. To get your posts noticed, experts advise submitting posts before and after regular work hours.

Post Frequently

Finding a delicate balance between getting noticed on a potential client’s feed and spamming their timeline is a tall order. But experts agree that posting 5 to 10 times each week is the best way to get noticed on Facebook. To keep readers interested, be sure to make each post slightly different from the last to avoid looking like spam.

Engage Readers

Facebook is a social platform after all, so why not engage fans of your page by asking questions and interacting with them regularly? Ask questions that will get readers responding in a dialog with your marketing team and each other. Question posts can be as simple as asking fans what their favorite sports car is to when they last had a tune up. As long as you’re active in the conversation, you should see likes, comments and shares start to roll in.

Vary Post Styles

Keep your page looking like it is well loved and maintained by varying the style of the posts you create. This means switching it up with text only posts, text with pictures and link posts. It is also important to vary the length of your texts posts. As a rule of thumb, longer texts posts should be broken down into captions or headers first with two or three sentences to follow, in order to keep readers engaged.

Use More Link Updates

Clickable links are a great way to drive traffic to your own website and blog posts. The Facebook news feed places a bigger value on link posts, meaning there is a greater chance that fans will see these types of posts over plain text posts. A great way to ensure your links are clickable is to use eye-catching preview images that correspond with the information provided in your link. The more visually appealing the preview picture, the more likely readers are to click the link and land on your business page in search of important information.

For more information on digital marketing trends and strategies, contact the experts at Auto Repair Marketing Gurus.