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4 Auto Repair Advertising Ideas

shutterstock_143938921The best kind of auto repair advertising focuses turns your happy clients into customers and active referrals. With such a campaign, you can easily turn your first time clients into regular customers. If your customers are happy and content, they will refer their friends and family to you. Being a good mechanic isn’t enough to win you such love. You need to take your game a notch higher. Here are some powerful digital marketing ideas that will help you earn the reputation.

Start a Relevant Blog

Creating a blog lets you interact with your potential clients better. It will not only boost your SEO but also give you original content to share on social media. Your blog should focus on unique and timely content that your target audience can identify with.

Instead of reviewing luxury cars you cannot even service, why not focus on giving your reader tips to help cut down on fuel consumption. Don’t forget to emphasize on the benefits of hiring a good auto repair expert and give a link to your contact page.

Get social

Create social media profiles and build them into something people would want to follow. The modern day social media is a subtle blend of fun and usefulness. Tailoring your auto repair advertising to conform to this will help you gather a following fast.

Share content that brands you as an authority in what you do. A couple of personalized ‘how to’ or buying guides with custom photos will help improve your credibility. Throw in one or two fun photos, for instance the beautiful pets that pass by your garage or a superb car you are working on to keep the social media air flowing.

Make interesting and useful email newsletters

Your auto repair advertising efforts will yield more if you can master the art of leveraging a mailing list. Instead of bombarding people with a syndication of you latest blog posts, consider sending a well-formatted mail with all the information. Add a sidebar with ‘refer a friend’, ‘make an appointment’ or ‘learn more’ links.

Alternatively, you could send your mailing list members specific emails. Sending a Ford truck driver a ‘best off-road tires for your Ford truck’ would make more sense that a general email blast on car tires.

Make each customer feel special. Make them know that you care by sending thank you emails or reminding them of the oil change date. Everyone loves superb customer care. This will earn you a following and multiple referrals the easy way.

Set up online review profiles

Online reviews are testimonials, a proof of your existence and ability to do business. While many people shun negative or neutral reviews, research has shown that most people will be suspicious of all positive reviews. Set up Google, Facebook or Yelp profiles and ask for honest reviews from your customers.

Yelp, Facebook and Google will highlight reviews from people I am connected to making it an efficient online ‘word of mouth’ referral system.

Online marketing is the next big thing. More and more people count on online reviews and social media to choose their service providers. Creating a strong online presence before reaching out to your target via social media, review platforms and email newsletters will help increase your conversion rates. Remember, with auto repair advertising, it’s never about how many people you can reach, it’s about the percentage you can convert from mere readers into loyal customers.